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What is your employee value proposition?

A Total Rewards strategy outlines the company’s vision, benefits, and philosophy and is used for recruiting and retaining your business’ talent. The strategy may define what your company provides its employees, such as compensation, benefits, and growth opportunities within the company, including how employees who achieve specific business goals are rewarded.

According to the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), the right Total Rewards system is a healthy blend of monetary and nonmonetary rewards and can generate valuable business results when offered to employees. 

HuB Solutions understands the importance of communicating a company’s competitive Total Rewards package to its employees. This package acknowledges each employee as a company asset worth investing in, while also establishing employee behaviors that bring you closer to reaching your business goals. 

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When assessing your performance management strategy we may ask:

  1. What Totals Rewards strategy do you currently have in place? How are you measuring the effectiveness of your rewards strategy? Who are the people you want to attract and retain the most value?

  2. When considering employee value proposition, what are your efforts? What is needed to become an employer of choice to get the best talent in your area?

  3. Based on your overall rewards philosophy, how does your reward structure align with the business’s strategic goals?

What is your employment value proposition?

From compensation to non-monetary benefits, HuB Solutions can help you build a comprehensive Total Rewards program that aligns with your company's culture and mission and caters to your company’s people and overarching business objectives.

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