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People Staffing and Relations

Did you know that when a company hires the right person, it can see over 67% more productivity and profit to the business?

HuB Solutions can help you build an effective, long-term talent acquisition strategy that attracts and seeks out potential hires that are uniquely aligned with your business.

We help you successfully interview top talent through recruiting and training, and further manage and develop your employees based on your organization’s goals and ideal qualifications. This results in high job satisfaction, employee retainment, and company engagement. At the end of the day, our goal is to make each of your employees naturally feel like a brand advocate.


During the process, we may ask you to consider:

  1. What are the hardest to fill and highest turnover positions within your organization?

  2. What does your current hiring, onboarding, and training process look like?

  3. How can we streamline these efforts to better recruit and source top talent, review applications, and interview candidates?

  4. What efforts are currently in place to support a diverse workforce and hire and support those who have the ability to grow beyond the position they are in?

  5. How can you promote dialogue and open communication with valuable employees?

  6. How can we help you provide a values-driven culture that creates employee loyalty?

  7. How can we help your managers leverage their leadership skills to provide proactive, constructive, and documented feedback while helping employees feel valued?

A better staff builds a better business.

Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) estimates that employee turnover costs as much as 200% of an employee’s salary when they leave.


Having a strong employee relationship strategy creates an environment where performance expectations and goals are harmonized with the employee and the business. This results in a lower turnover rate and a decrease in performance management issues, while also increasing productivity and employee engagement. 

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