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& Risk Management

Minimize risk, remain protected.

The human resource function is a key player within any business’s compliance structure. As a business owner, you are required to navigate through a plethora of laws and regulations that govern the relationship between your business and its employees. A solid human resource foundation will help your business avoid costly fines, penalties, legal liability, and costly court costs, including the potential harm to the business’s reputation.


At HuB Solutions, we have joined forces with Manning, Curtis, Bradshaw, & Bednar, PLCC (MCBB) to help you identify, assess and manage the legal risks for your business. 

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Our Legal and Risk Management services define your human business legal and risk management strategy by considering the following questions:

  1. What does your business have in place to legitimize hiring practices, employee relations, employee expectations, HR compliance audits, and employee handbooks?

  2. How do you implement new policies and changes successfully while maintaining compliance and minimizing legal liability?

  3. How are you keeping up-to-date on employment laws that impact your business and workplace?

  4. Is there adequate compliance training in place for staff members? How can you best communicate with your business to keep your employees informed and involved while also keeping everyone safe? How do you currently create a culture of respect?

Minimize risk, remain protected.

Once your legal risk(s) have been identified, we will discuss the potential outcomes and prescriptive recommendations to minimize risk with our experts and attorneys at MCBB. 

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